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Kitchens, Baths and Other Rooms of your Home, Individually Designed for You: Working from our extensive knowledge of space planing and ergonomics, we design handmade furniture for the kitchen and other rooms throughout your home. Each space needs to be thoughtfully designed, not just decorated. The first steps in our design process is the study of your space, the requirements you have for the use of the your space and the flow of people about your space. 


Starting the Process:  The initial meeting takes place either at the home site or the design studio, if architectural plans are available. At this meeting we brainstorm about design ideas and discuss the best use of the given space. We are able to preform preliminary take-offs of the space in order to establish budgetary estimations. One of the main purposes of this meeting is to establish the cost of a design proposal. We develop this information from our conversations with you, our visit to the space and the fundamental design principles of Renaissance Design Studio.


The Design Phase:   The design phase is collaborative. After preliminary sketches and budgetary estimations are presented, we begin the design process. We work closely with you through a series of meetings to finesse the design. Typically we will present two or three solutions for the space and gradually integrate the ideas into the presentation of the final layout. We then take the final layout and add furniture detailing, adornments, label specific storage area solutions and other aesthetics to present detailed elevation drawings and perspective renderings.   

Color Story:  Your color story develops once the layout is finalized. This is where we select the various colors, textures and materials to create a palette to complement your design.   

Production:  Once the designs are finalized and the color story completed, we start the production phase. The furniture we offer is custom built to our exacting specifications. We work with teams of dedicated craftspeople, using only the finest materials, woodworking skills and the most advanced technology.   

Delivery & Installation:  Upon designing your dream room to your exact requirements, our services continue as we work directly with your contractor. Missi and John measure the site upon framing and will relay all the information necessary to properly fit the space for appliances, plumbing, electric and provide your contractor with all necessary rough-in requirements. Through out the project, we inspect the space progression during rough-in and after drywall to be sure it's ready for our installation staff.   

Renaissance Design Studio's craftsman are trained to properly fit and install your furniture. Missi and John will oversee the building and installation process, ensuring that your finished project exceeds your expectations. Once counter tops and appliances are installed, we return to perform the necessary fine tuning.   

After Completion of the Space:  Before you move into the space, we request a client walk through to ensure your complete satisfaction. Most of the products we represent have a lifetime warranty and we are always happy to return to our clients' homes for required maintenance.

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