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About Us


We ponder. We dream. We innovate. We design. We amaze.

We are an independent, creative kitchen design studio that looks beyond the confines of the walls, floor and ceiling. We consider your needs and combine that with over three decades of expertise to dream up an atmosphere filled with the things you love ~ an expression of you. 

Every kitchen is unique. Each kitchen is it's own design statement. We take the time to consider your space and needs and craft an innovative design that is all you.

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our belief

We believe that each kitchen we design captures both the spirit of the client and the essence of the space. A well designed kitchen creates a quality of life, makes life beautiful and nourishes your soul.

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our passion

We create more than just kitchens. 

Our passion is to create a living space that expresses your dreams and memories with color, texture and design. We love to create stunning spaces that transcend our clients dreams.

meet missi & john bart

​Renaissance Design Studio is under the collaborative direction of Missi and John Bart. The Bart's both grew up in Sarasota and they are delighted to be able to work and live in their charming coastal hometown of SRQ. 

They treat each project like a work of art and they take care of every step in the process ~ from sketches on paper to implementation in the field. They take care of every detail you don't want to think about and they think of every detail you may have never thought about. 

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our custom cabinetry

The cabinetry is a vital element in any space they design. Missi and John thoughtfully choose the furniture manufacturer based on each individual project. 

The studio features custom cabinetry by Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinetry in addition to several other custom manufacturers.  The  cabinetry is totally custom and  built to Missi's exacting specifications right down to 1/16 of an inch. While the appliances and plumbing products dimensions are set in stone, there is flexibility in design with regard to designing the cabinetry.


Missi and John have an appreciation for natural, authentic materials and strive to only use sustainably sourced materials. They prefer to work with companies whose wood specified for their cabinetry comes from sources who implement responsible forestry management. 

The cabinetry manufacturers they work with are companies located in the USA.