VITTADINI'S VISION: Her Latest Getaway -

Adrienne Vittadini stood and looked at three empty lots side by side along the water on Lido Key in Sarasota, Florida. Some people would have seen sand and weeds. Instead the former fashion designer envisioned three elegant and airy
villa-style homes.

In fact, the enterprising New Yorker hired architect Cliff Scholz and then designed, built and furnished the three houses, one after the other. Adrienne, a lifelong and frequent sojourner in Italy, drew upon the same “Euro-American” sophistication that had characterized her apparel collections in the 1980’s and 1990’s. After selling her fashion empire in 1996 and licensing namesake stores, she gradually switched to home design, revealing in her natural affinity for it (Veranda, July-Aug 2006).

This modern day Venetian villa represents her admiration for Palladian homes she has seen in Italy's Veneto region. "I have a tremendous passion for architecture, and my inspiration is always Palladio" she says, referring to the sixteenth-century master builder who resurrected Greek and Roman architecture in Europe and, in America, influenced the design of both the White House and Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

Adrienne & Missi worked together on the kitchen design layout by first focusing on center lines and sight lines.  The cooking range and island is aligned with the center of the coffered ceiling;  the prep sink on the island is centered on the island which is also centered on the cooking range; the farm sink is aligned with the center window.  Balance and symmetry are the primary objectives when working with Adrienne.

Functionally, the kitchen has dishwashers on side each sink with double pull-out wastes to the other side and a generous  amount of varying height drawers for base storage. To the left of the range a wood chopping block is integrated into the space. The cabinetry is a crisp, white-painted wood with 2" thick marble counter tops that incorporate a drip edge. Stainless steel bin pulls, knobs and faucets enhance the look. Seamless and elegant, this kitchen is perfect for both cooking and entertaining.

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