Traditional Home

ARCH TRIUMPH: The look is classic Palm Beach; the function is purely modern. The combination is perfect for entertaining.

Chari and Bud Polley had a pretty good idea of what they wanted their kitchen - well actually their whole house - to look like. They wanted it to look like one of the gracious old mansions that can still be found in Palm Beach, a style of home they admired and thought appropriate for their Sarasota location.

They also wanted the kitchen and the connected rooms to look, feel and operate like a modern open home. After consulting books, the Polley's zeroed in on the Spanish Revival style of the 20th century architect Addison Misner, who designed many of the mansions in Palm Beach. They went to architect Clifford Scholz who and asked him to figure a way to combine early 20th century sensibility with 21st century ideas about the space.

A heavily veined dark green marble was acid washed to get a matte finish and then pumped up a bit with a color enhancer for the counter surfaces.

They felt that darker-toned wood makes the home look and feel older and wanted the kitchen cabinetry to continue that tonal quality. To achieve that look they chose an inset style cabinet and selected a cherry wood species that was glazed with a dark stain, distressed with splits, worm-holes and corner and edge wear and finished in a matte topcoat.

Arches and floating counters were used to divide the large open space. The far counter, which serves as a bar and buffet, divides the kitchen and dining area. The large island is where Chari works and entertains at the same time.

The range is tucked into a corner under a hood that is faux-painted to look like stone.

Warming drawers and an extra deep farm sink with a nearby slide out cutting board and storage baskets are a big help to the Polley's who love to entertain friends in their kitchen area.

Temperature-controlled wine storage is a must-have for both casual and serious wine drinkers in the warm Florida climate. The premade unit is set into the wall at the end of the counter housing the bar.

The marble counters in the kitchen were the first thing Chari picked out for her new house. To get the stunning matte finish, the counters were acid-washed and then treated with a color enhancer. The "copper" bar sink actually is ceramic.

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