Meet Missi and John

CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer)  ~  Missi brings over
26 years of experience in the kitchen & bath design industry. Her work has been published in several national magazines.

      At a young age I was fascinated by construction and design. Growing up in Sarasota, my family had a cabinetry business where I would work summers in their cabinet shop. I was in awe with the work of contractors and architects that I would encounter at project sites. In high school and college I studied Architectural Drafting, Interior Design and Art History. In time I focused my niche on kitchen design.

      My education included the study of the ergonomics of kitchen design and understanding the methodology of a proper kitchen layout. I apply these basic principles to my client designs. In my twenties, I found I hated cooking and discovered the reason was because of the way my own kitchen was designed and lacked the foundation of proper kitchen design principles. Cooking in my own kitchen was a chore and no fun.  John and I worked together to create a more functional space for me in which to cook.  As a result of my own experience, I developed a passion for kitchen design and enjoy gourmet cooking and entertaining. Each year I attend continuing education classes and trade shows to discover new innovations in the kitchen & bath industry.

      To be a designer, you need a sense of style. But more importantly you need to refresh your mind and develop new ideas. My favorite design inspiration comes from travel. John and I have been fortunate to travel to amazing places where we immerse ourselves in other cultures, appreciate the new surroundings and experience how the locals live. Our travel is both therapeutic and inspirational and we learn so much from our exposure by visiting cities throughout the US and Europe.

     Each one of our clients also inspires me and I learn something new from each one of them. When designing my focus is on the individual and their project. Together we brainstorm ideas and I help them realize their vision and John works with the installers in the field to make it happen.

~ John's brings his business background along with 15 years of experience in the kitchen and bath industry. John is the design studio's Project Manager. 

      As a child in a suburb of Chicago, my grandfather had a workshop in his basement. My brother and I would bring our broken toys to Grandpa Rudy for him to fix. Grandpa Rudy would make them good as new no matter how badly damaged they were. While he fixed our toys, I watched and learned. Rudy also took apart electronics, motors, anything & everything to learn how it worked, sketching plans as he went. Later he would design & build functioning devices from the parts in his salvage inventory. In high school I took wood shop and enjoyed working with wood. My father also enjoyed doing home improvement projects around the house and he recruited me as his apprentice.  Although I shared and enjoyed the hobbies of Grandpa Rudy & projects with my dad, my career path lead me toward a business degree and a position in the corporate world.

     When Missi and I incorporated our business in 1999, I took care of the administrative tasks and was employed by Arthur Andersen. I worked at the design studio on Mondays and weekends and after time Arthur Andersen closed it's doors. Ironically, working in our studio business was more fulfilling than the corporate world so it was a natural transition for me to join the studio full time in 2003.

     Missi is the artist and I am the engineer. I attend continuing education classes and trade shows, research parts and pieces required for customization, review Missi's designs and coordinate scheduling in the field with contractors and our installation staff.

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