BHG 2002

MASTERING A HIS & HER BATH: The two personal baths in the Polley's Sarasota, Florida, home mirror the personalities of owners; compatible, but hardly identical.

Furniture-like cabinetry with exposed hinges, neatly mitred baseboard moldings and a distressed finish, raised-panel design gives Chari Polley's bath a feeling of comfortable elegance. A wood-paneled tub surrounded echos the cabinetry. Dual-height, honed-marble surfaces - counter top height at the sink, desk height at the vanity - make for good ergonomics as well as good looks.

Chari's tub, enclosed in furniture-grade paneling topped with marble mosaic tile, is just around the corner from the marble-tiled double shower that connects both baths (left page, top).

Also in her bath is this convenient hair-dryer drawer (left page, bottom) that has a built-in outlet, so the appliance cord is always tucked away instead of draping across the counter.

Bud likes his room dark and dramatic (right page, top left). He chose rich mahogany for the recessed paneling on the vanity, which is topped with deep-green, honed marble. Ball-and-claw feet are finishing touches for the cabinetry, much the way cuff links complete the look of a starched white dress shirt. Also in his bath, a rug mosaic (right page, bottom right) embellishes the marble-tile floor. The two baths (see floor plan on right page, middle right) are ingeniously joined by a two-person 5 x 7 foot shower with seating and a recessed alcove that holds bathing necessities.

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