BHG 2000

FAMILY FIRST: Susan and Donald Negroski's new kitchen is everything they hoped for - spacious, beautifully detailed and stocked with state-of-the-art appliances. But best of all, it's a warm and friendly space that invites the energetic Florida family to come together.

Opening the Negroski's kitchen to the adjacent breakfast room makes both spaces seem much roomier. Varying the heights gives the cabinets the "unfitted" look of fine furniture.

A pair of dishwashers near the sink (left page) ensures a steady supply of clean tableware. "two dishwashers are becoming more common" says designer Melissa Cook. "People fill one with dishes and the other with pots and pans."

The pantry (left page, top right) features a glass door that visually links the nook with the kitchen. "My kids love this place," says Susan. "My youngest likes to sit in here in a stool and look around."

A tall china cabinet (top right of right page) gives a finishing turn to a run of cabinets and helps to define the dining area. Favorite display items, such as plates from Czechoslovakia, and dashes of color.

Stacked ovens, a microwave and a warming drawer (right page, left side) are only steps away from the island cooktop. They form the working heart of this stylish kitchen.

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