BHG 1999

CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS: With three active boys aged 4 to 12 and lots of family visitors, the Negroski family runs loads of laundry almost daily. So when they decided to build a new home, Donald and Susan Negroski made clothes card a priority in their planning. What they came up with is a laundry that not only sits their lifestyle, but also includes a roomy planning center. Now Susan can handle household management chores while the washer and dryer churn through their cycles.

At the laundry's core is a roomy flip-up counter for folding and sorting. Under the counter, niches hold baskets - one for each boy's clean laundry; when their baskets are full, the boys take them upstairs and put away their clothes.

Right page top: A patio door brings in natural light and provides access to the basketball court outside.

Right page center: At this hand command post, Susan pays bills and checks the family schedules. The drop down ironing board swivels so Susan can watch TV or keep an eye on the boys outside.
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